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Merry Christmas & an inflatable New Year

Art by Rawr/Arin
Art by Rawr/Arin

Thank you for your enthusiasm!

I’ve gotta say you and Rawr have made one of the most appealing inflatable horses I’ve seen in quite some time.  I love the expression he has as well as the coloration.  Good stuff!

Amazing horses and very interesting project!!

A friend referred me to your project, and it looks totally awesome!  You don’t see a cute cartoony horse toy every day. 

I came across your page and I am so amazed by your horse! In my opinion, your horse is the best looking.

Wonderful design by the way! They look great! Maybe the best in my opinion! I have been waiting for a long time for something up to par with the Palo to come along!

I am certain that I will very much like these horses! I’m thankful to have been pointed in your direction and I applaud you for creating such a wonderful looking design and for making it available to those who would like to purchase them!

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