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About Us

Who are we?

Horseplay Inflatables is a creative project based in Germany, with artists from around the world contributing to it with their ideas and designs. Cool, kinky or just eye catching - but never the stuff you'd see in stores. 

Our stuff...

.... are sealed PVC inflatables, typically made from 10-gauge (0.25mm) vinyl and fitted with quick inflation/deflation double plug valves. Materials and manufacturers are specifically selected for our projects. We do make some pool floats, but the majority of our inflatables are for decoration and, well, horseplay of course.

Shop safe

Quality matters for our small poduction, so if something is not allright with an inflatable that you have purchased, then we will either resolve the problem, exchange the product or refund the purchase. Our terms, conditions and disclaimers can be found in the checkout process or can be requested by email.

Commercial customers and custom orders

We can produce larger quantities of existing products, customise items or even create custom inflatables for events, advertising and other purposes. Please ask us: