In a sea of faceless, mass-produced inflatables, each of our products has a unique character, created over many months of work. Here’s a line-up of the artists who have created Horseplay Inflatables’ unique products and infused them with their own style. Each inflatable carries the signature or distinctive mark of its artistic creator...


 Arin is a veteran designer of inflatable cartoon animals with an unfailing eye for cuteness and good proportions. His characteristic cartoony design style is reflected by the German Heavy Warmblood, the Pink Kangaroo and the Dolphins.

  Dirty Bird is a Master of drawing pooltoys of all kinds and shades and grades of shininess. The Gothic unicorn is his first pooltoy interpretation to become a real thing. It is edgy, but quite safe for work.


 James Newland is an illustrator with a pronounced weakness for cartoony and inflatable stuff. When he is not a pooltoy he draws outrageous cartoons that have inspired such things as Blow Me! - the Kinky Sea Lion.

 creates magical ponies (and many other creatures) bringing them to life in traditional and digital art form. With several years of artistic experience behind her, the Pony Floats are her first inflatable product design, adding to her growing portfolio.