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 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you ship to the US (or any other place in the world)? If your country has a postal system, then I’ll ship there. You can see the exact cost during the checkout process before you are asked to confirm/buy. For the US only, domestic UPS rates will be available for most products from late 2018 onwards.
  2. What are your order processing and shipping times? Order processing is usually 2-3 days but can be up to 5 days, depending on the product. US and German mail run times are in accordance with UPS and DHL domestic mail run times. EU shipments take 3-5 work days; other international shipments can take 2-3 weeks in addition to the order processing time. You will receive tracking information.
  3. What if the item I purchased is defective upon first inflation? Then you will be able to return it with no cost to you and have it exchanged or refunded. Alternatively, if the defect is small, you can also elect to have a partial refund of discount for future purchases.
  4. Which forms of payment do you accept? And can I pay in installments? The store accepts credit cards, Paypal and SofortPay (Germany). There is no payment-in-installments option.
  5. Do you make custom inflatables? Custom designs and adaptations of existing products are available for commercial clients or for large orders. Minimum order quantities are typically 100 pieces. 
  6. How robust are your products? All products are technically decoration items, however they are built like pooltoys and outdoor toys. Unlike most other inflatables for decoration, negative curves and stressed seams are typically reinforced.
  7. Can I take your inflatables into the pool or ocean? Unless the item is specifically marked as a leisure floatation article, any other use than as a decoration item and by persons aged 14 or older is at your own risk. We like to believe that oversized warning signs do not replace common sense, therefore Horseplay Inflatables products typically do not carry the warning labels required for aquatic and/or inflatable toys or leisure items.
  8. What material do you use? All “Horseplay Inflatable”-branded items are made of 0.25mm-0.3mm soft-PVC (EN 71 standard).
  9. Dou you sell toys with adult modifications or do you modify your products? Please visit Horseplay Toys if you are interested in such products.