Helpful hints and information


  • Inflate by using a low-pressure air pump.
  • Do not over-inflate. Some wrinkles will remain.
  • Almost all our products use quick-deflation valves for easier inflation/deflation. Use the valves’ inflation nozzles for inflation. Make sure black (or white) plug is pushed firmly into the valve shaft.
  • Close transparent lid after inflation.



  • The products are display and decoration items unless otherwise specified. Other forms of use may result in damage and hazards and are at owner’s own risk.
  • Inflatable items may soften and expand in direct sunshine due to heat. Do not add more air or it may burst!
  • Dark surfaces may become hot in direct sunshine.
  • Keep the inflatable away from sharp objects.

Deflation and Maintenance

  • Deflate by using the deflation nozzle (gently pull out black or white valve plug with lid from the valve shaft).
  • Use only warm water for cleaning.
  • Ensure that glue used for repairs is suitable for soft-PVC (i.e. HH66®, Pattex® Transparent, Stormsure® etc.).
  • Punctures and cuts can also be repaired with standard PVC patching material provided with the item or with Type B Tear Aid®.